Japanese Traditional Medicine - Kampo

The Japanese traditional medicine otherwise called as Kampo has its drug formulation dates back by more than 1500 years. Recent decades have seen a revival of Kampo medicine in medical practice, accompanied by a scientific reevaluation and critical examination of its relevance in modern health care. The traditional herbal medicine has been gradually reemerged and 148 different herbal extract formulations are found in the National Health Insurance drug list. As a result of the recent study, Kampo proves to provide effective treatment to dementia and other refractory diseases. Kampo also proves to improve cognitive function. It is also found that Kampo medicine is effective in treating liver disease and gastrointestinal disorder. Kampo is now being practiced outside Japan in many countries including United States of America by

  • Track 1-1 Acupuncturists
  • Track 2-2 Chinese Medicine Practitioners
  • Track 3-3 Naturopath Physicians
  • Track 4-4 Other Alternative Medicine Professionals

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