Speaker Biography

Dr. Gopi Jayasinghe

Government Ayurvedic Hospital, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Title: A Clinical Study on the Effect of Dasanga Guggulu in the Management of Medo Roga with special reference to Hyperlipidemia



Medo  Roga  is   defined   as   an accumulation  of excessive quantity of  Medo Dhatu , resulting increase in body size and the pendulous appearance in buttock, belly, and the breast. It  can be  correlated as   hyperlipidemia  and  obesity. This study has been  focused to   evaluate    the effectiveness of  Dasanga  Guggulu  in  the management of Medo Roga as an observational study. Total of 30 clinically  diagnosed  hyperlipidemic  patients  were selected purposively  from Kayacikitsa   clinic at Ayurvedic Teaching Hospital, Borella. A  self designed questionnaire was   administered   to collect  the  data . Patients were given 3g   of   Dasanga  Guggulu   in equally divided  doses  in three times  per  day  for continuous  period of  three months. Lipid profile  and   Body Mass Index (BMI)   were   observed   before and after   the treatment . Results   revealed  that Dasanga   Guggulu was      statistically  significant   for  decreasing    Total  Cholesterol (p<0.001),  LDL (p<0.001), Triglycerides (p<0.05) and VLDL (p<0.001). Further   it was found  that  Dasnga Guggulu    was  statistically highly significant (p<0.001)  for     reduction    of   BMI , Waist     Circumference , Hip    Circumference  and no adverse effects found in the safety profile. Based on   these findings   it   can   be concluded   that  Dasanga  Guggulu  is  safe   and  an  effective treatment  for Medo Roga and hyperlipidemia .